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Taylor Lautner Picks Up A BMW Z4

First it was an Audi R8, then it was a Porsche Turbo and now it looks like Taylor Lautner‘s adding to his lineup again. Taylor was spotted leaving a restaurant recently behind the wheel of this yellow BMW Z4. Pretty sure they call this Atacama Yellow. What do you think of this color? The Z4 might be easily overlooked otherwise but in this color it’s bound to get some attention. BMW cars Canada

Taylor Lautner BMW Z4

Warren Beatty Knows How To Roll

The 77th Annual Academy Awards - Nominees LuncheonWarren Beatty might be getting up there in age but he sure hasn’t lost his sense of style! Warren was spotted cruising down the freeway in his blacked out BMW Z8 recently.

Warren Beatty BMW Z8


Kim Kardashian: Shop Time For The Rolls Royce

Kim Kardashian and her brighter than the sun yellow bag stopped by Platinum Motorsport recently to drop off her Rolls Royce Ghost. After turning over the keys Kim stepped into the passenger seat of a friends BMW 7 Series.

What do you think Kim’s doing to her Rolls this time?

Kim Kardashian Rolls Royce Ghost
















Kim Kardashian BMW 7 Series

Pippa Middleton Needs To Upgrade Her Z4

A very bland looking Pippa Middleton stepped out of her BMW Z4 recently before rummaging through a jam packed trunk (or should I say boot). With all the junk in that trunk she might want to think about finding a larger car.

Pippa Middleton BMW Z4

Pippa Middleton Hops Out Of A BMW

Pippa Middleton was spotted getting out of a BMW Z4 recently before heading to lunch with a friend.

Pippa Middleton BMW Z4