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Ali Larter Adds a BMW To Her Garage

First Ali Larter upgrades her Mercedes-Benz CLS and now she has a BMW X5. Ali was spotted filling up her X5 at a gas station in Los Angeles earlier this week.

Ali Larter BMW X5 Ali Larter BMW

(Photos: Zimbio)

Reese and Jim In Their BMW Alpina B7

Reese Witherspoon and her husband, Jim Toth already have more cars than the average person would ever know what to do with but that doesn’t stop them from adding to their collection. They were recently spotted in their latest addition, a BMW Alpina B7, at a gym in Los Angeles. I guess if you have as much money as these two do, it only makes sense to go for the big boy when you’re looking at a 7 Series!

Reese Witherspoon Jim Toth BMW

Apolo Ohno’s Daily (BMW Alpina B7)

For someone that constantly travels and see’s beautiful things everyday, you’d think he could take a half-decent photo but like many other automotive photographers, he can’t seem to fit the whole car in the shot. But lets forget about that for the time being and instead congratulate Apolo Ohno for having such a sweet daily whip!

apolo ohno daily driver alpina B7

TBT: Ice T Posing On His BMW

Now this is what I call a TBT photo!

Earlier this week, Ice T shared this photo of himself posing on his red BMW E28 M5 with the caption, “Over 20 years ago..Peep the gators and the nylon socks..I ain’t new to this..” 


(Photo: Ice T Instagram)

Jerry Ferrera’s BMW X5

Jerry Ferrara, best known as “Turtle” from HBO’s Entourage, was spotted rolling to the gym in his BMW X5 recently. According to an interview Ferrara gave a while back, Ferrara wasn’t the best driver in his earlier days because he actually wrecked the first car he ever owned, “I had a ’91 Thunderbird which I saved up all my money for. And I totaled it about three weeks later. I got into an accident. It wasn’t my fault. Although, there are some other people who disagree with that.” 

Hopefully Ferrara’s track record is a little better now and his X5 stays in one piece.

Jerry Ferrara BMW

(Photo: Zimbio)