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Lil’ Twist Runs Around In a Bentley Mulsanne

While Bieber's running around getting busted by the law, his buddy and rapper, Lil' Twist is running around Los Angeles in a Bentley Mulsanne.
Source (Zimbio)

Prince William and The Dutchess Arrive In Style

Prince William and Catherine, The Dutchess of Cambridge showed up for an event in a new Bentley Flying Spur this past week. They might not always be behind the wheel themselves, but that doesn't mean they don't know how to roll.

(Photo: Zimbio)

Scott Disick Runs Around In a New Bentley

We've seen Scott Disick driving a black Bentley Mulsanne before but just yesterday, Disick was spotted leaving a Beverly Hills store in a white Mulsanne.  Another day, another ride...


(Photos: Zimbio)

Last Weeks “Guess Who” – Eva Longoria

Last weeks "Guess Who" was a tough one because Eva doesn't usually have curly hair but it was Eva Longoria getting into her Bentley Continental.

Eva Longoria Bentley Eva Longoria

Floyd Mayweather Switches Things Up

Floyd Mayweather has an incredible collection of cars -- mostly in white. But what if he's not feeling white? Don't worry, they come in black too. Just like when you buy a shirt and you really like it so you buy it in another color just to have it -- it's like that, just with ridiculously expensive rides. Mayweather posted a photo on Instagram with the caption, "I decided to get my black toys out tonight EWB Rolls Royce Ghost and Bentley Mulsanne".

Floyd Mayweather Bentley
(Photo: Instagram)

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