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Spotted: Sharon Stone Jumping Into Her Bentley

Sharon Stone knows how to roll in class. She was recently spotted leaving lunch at a Los Angeles restaurant in her Bentley Continental GTC. What do you think of Sharon’s ride?

Sharon Stone Bentley Continental GTC

Will-I-Am Exiting His Bentley

Will-I-Am was seen hopping out of a Bentley Convertible at the Laker’s game on Christmas day.  We can’t tell exactly what model but we think it’s a Azure but we’re sure our readers will tell us if we’re right or wrong.

Will I Am Bentley

Who Is Young Berg? Figure that out and you can buy his car!

I’ve got no idea who he is but I don’t doubt that he’s a wrapper. Either way I must say the car looks pretty good. The color is not my style and the wheels aren’t my flavor but it’s a hot car and doesn’t look retarded… except the license plate and frame.

And yes, you can buy it on eBay!

Young Berg's Bentley

Jennifer Love Hewitt Tries To Hide in Her Bentley Continental GTC

The Hollywood star who recently filmed an episode for Law & Order: Special Victims Unit was seen hiding her face with a bag inside her Bentley Continental top down. Jennifer Love doesn’t usually shy away from the paps, but only this time while she’s being photographed before heading in a Beverly Hills salon. Her hair’s maintenance must have been worse than the way she treats her car!

jeniffer love hewitt bentley

Source: X17 Online

Kim Kardashian Bangs Up Her Bumper on a Speed Bump

So we’ve all driven through parking lots before and understand what a speedbump can do to our cars but if you’re Kim Kardashian what does it matter it you bang the crap out of the front end of your Bentley. After all if you are Kim Kardashian you can just call the boys over at Platinum Motorsport and they will be there in no time to give you an estimate. Shit who knows, maybe they told her to go pile drive the car through a parking lot filled with aggressive speedbumps just so they could get some PR.

Kim Kardashian Bangs Up Her Bumper on a Speed Bump
Source: TMZ via X17