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Jennifer Love Hewitt Steps Out In Her Bentley

Jennifer Love Hewitt didn’t let a little rain in Los Angeles keep her from going to the salon to get her hair done. Why is it that we always seem to see Jennifer on the passenger side of her car and not actually in the drivers seat?? She’s not that much of a diva is she?

Jennifer Love Hewitt Bentley

Own A Small Piece Of Oprah’s World!

It’s no secret that Oprah Winfrey pretty much rules the world and now you can have the chance to own a small piece of Oprah’s world by forking out a lump of cash for her 1996 Bentley Continental GT available on eBay!

Oprah Winfrey Bentley Continental GT

Check out the eBay listing here for all the details. Also, for any of you wondering, we looked into it and Gail King is not included with the car. Disappointing we know…

Spotted: Paris Hilton’s Baby Blue Bentley

Paris opted for her Bentley over the LFA this weekend when she went to workout at a gym in Los Angeles. Has anyone even spotted her driving the LFA yet??

Paris Hilton Bentley

Oops! Sharon Stone Gets Pulled Over In Her Bentley

Sharon Stone was pulled over by police last night in her Bentley. No word on why she was pulled over but according to sources Sharon was only given a warning.

Sharon Stone Bentley


Sharon Stone Bentley

Spotted: Kat Von D Running For Her Bentley

A blue haired Kat Von D and fiance Jesse James were spotted making a dash for her Bentley recently. Maybe it’s just the photo but it looks to us like her Bentley could use a good detail soon.

Kat Von D Bentley