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Another Look At Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Bentley

We like Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Bentley Continental Supersports so much that we had to post this new photo we just came across. What do you think of the color combo?

Arnold Schwarzenegger Bentley Continental Supersports


Eva Longoria Takes Her Bentley Out For A Spin

Eva Longoria was recently spotted steping back into her Bentley Continental after leaving a salon in Beverly Hills. Nothing better than Eva in her Bentley!

Eva Longoria Bentley Continental















Eva Longoria Bentley Continental

Kris Jenner Runs Around In Her Bentley

Kris Jenner and her youngest daughters Kendall and Kylie were recently spotted in Kris’ white Bentley Continental Supersports convertible. Yesterday we spotted Arnold Schwarzenegger in one and now Kris Jenner has one? What doesn’t this family have…

Kris Jenner Bentley Continental Supersports Convertible

Spotted: Arnold Schwarzenegger In A Bentley

Arnold Schwarzenegger and his wife Maria Shriver grabbed some ice cream this weekend in a black Bentley Continental Supersports with red interior. Arnold must really like red interiors since his Porsche Turbo interior is also in red. Hopefully he didn’t spill that ice cream!

Arnold Schwarzenegger Bentley Continental Supersports

Arnold Schwarzenegger Bentley Continental Supersports

Sharon Stone Valets Her Bentley

Sharon Stone was spotted valeting her Bentley recently before heading to lunch with some friends. Is it just us or does that valet guy look pretty happy that he just had an encounter with Sharon Stone? Play it cool dude…Sharon’s not havin it.

Sharon Stone Bentley