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Ben Baller’s Bentley Flying Spur

It’s been about a month since Ben Baller hoped out in his new ride and it looks like it’s slowing transforming (brushed black steel wrap by Diamond Black Exteriors) into what we have grown to expect from Ben Baller based off his clean M5 and last 7-Series.

We’re assuming that Platinum Motorsport will be hooking him up with some wheels very shortly and yes he still has the Prius!

Ben Baller Flying Spur

Ben Baller Bentley

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Ben Baller’s Garage

When I snagged this photo I really thought we’d featured Ben Baller on the site before but after looking back we really haven’t despite the fact that Ben Baller has pretty much rolled every ride you would want to put in your garage, aside from his lame ass Prius (I always hate on Prius).

Ben Baller's Garage

Justin Bieber’s Cadillac CTS-V

We’d heard rumors that Justin Bieber was driving a Cadillac but aside from a couple of mockups we’d yet to see it and therefore yet to believe it.  But thanks to well-connected Ben Baller we’ve now got pics to prove it.

Justin Bieber Picking up Cadillac CTSV from West Coast Customs

Justin Bieber's Cadillac CTS-V

Justin Bieber Batmobile

Photo Credits to Ice Fresh and Co (aka Ben Baller/K-Town Hustler)