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Ben Baller’s Ballin In A Ferrari 458

Looks like Ben Baller needs a bigger garage — or at least one more parking space because he just picked up a brand new Ferrari 458. From the photo he posted on Instagram, it looks like the car is sitting at Platinum Motorsport for now. Guess we’ll have to wait and see how he customizes this one!

Ben Baller Ferrari 458

Shout outs to Jason and anders for sending in the tips!

Ben Baller: Ballin In A Black Ghost

Ben Baller took his Rolls Royce Ghost to the guys at Platinum Motorsports recently to give it the blacked out touch. The only thing it looks like they didn’t darken is the windows. Wouldn’t you want to tint the windows too? I would! Either way, it still looks pretty sick! What do you like more, the before or the after?

Ben Baller Rolls Royce

Before photo:

Ben Baller Rolls Royce Ghost

Shout out to Jason for the tip!

Ben Baller Gets The Ultimate Hookup From Lexus

Ben Baller posted this photo on Instagram of his new Lexus LFA — sort of. According to his caption, Lexus gave him the $500,000 LFA for his DUB Magazine photo shoot and the second season of his Ben Baller show. We’ve got no idea how the K-town hustler does it but thumbs up to this!  If there was one thing I would like to understand more than how Ben scored this it would be how Ben had a Enzo in his parking spots back in the day when he first popped on my radar. #myspacewasathing

Ben Baller Lexus LFA

Ben Baller Customizes His New Rolls Royce Ghost

We knew it wouldn’t take long before Ben Baller put some special touches on his new Rolls Royce Ghost! Ben Baller had the guys over at Platinum Motorsport throw some 24” Agetro wheels with floating RR caps to top it off. As if he wasn’t ballin’ already, now he’s really living the life with this “daily driver”!

Ben Baller Rolls Royce

Ben Baller Rolls Royce Ghost

Ben Baller Balling In His New Rolls Royce Ghost

It was only two months ago that Ben Baller copped a new Bentley Flying Spur but apparently he woke up on Monday and thought it was time for something new.  Pssh…. a new Rolls Royce Ghost is one way to do it!

Ben Baller Rolls Royce Ghost

Ben Ballers Rolls Royce

Source: IF and Co If you don’t read his blog you should… he’s pretty transparent and tells it how he sees it which I like.  My favorite quote from his last blog… “my name is BEN BALLER, not Ben Humble”