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Ben Affleck Hits A Parked Car With His Lexus

No hit and runs here! Ben Affleck played nice guy and left a note on the windshield after he knocked the side mirror off a parked Honda in Hollywood over the weekend.

Ben Affleck Car

Ben Affleck Lexus

Shout out to Sam for the tip!

Looks Like Ben Affleck Needs A Parking Lesson

Ben Affleck was spotted trying to squeeze himself out of his Mercedes-Benz S63. Maybe next time he should look for a bigger parking space!

Ben Affleck Mercedes Benz

Ben Affleck Knows How To Roll

Ben Affleck might be a family man but he still knows how to roll hard. Ben was recently spotted getting out of  his Mercedes-Benz S63 in Los Angeles. It might be a sedan but it’s definitely no minivan.

Ben Affleck Mercedes Benz S63

Ben Affleck And Jennifer Garner: Hybrid Happy

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner were all smiles as they got into their Lexus LS Hybrid sedan recently. We’d probably be smiling too if we could drop over $100k on a luxury hybrid.

Ben Affleck Jennifer Garner Lexus LS


Ben Afleck and Jennifer Garner’s Family Ride

Jennifer Garner and Ben Afleck was spotted taking their kids to school in a Mercedes-Benz GL 350. This seems to be the right family car for this famous bunch.