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Ben Affleck Takes His Classic For A Ride

Ben Affleck has his fair share of cars but this is the first classic ride I’ve ever seen him with. The cameras caught him cruising around the streets in Los Angeles in his 1966 Chevy Chevelle SS earlier this week. I wonder if he has any other classics hiding in his garage!

Ben Affleck Chevy Chevelle Ben Affleck Chevelle SS

Ben Affleck Valets His New Tesla Model S

We spotted Jennifer out with the new Tesla Model S first but we knew it was only a matter of time before we saw Ben with it. Affleck was spotted valeting their new Model S over the holidays.

Ben Affleck Tesla Model S

Ben Affleck’s Dog Hauler

We’ve seen Ben Affleck out in his Land Rover LR4 a number of times before but until now I had no idea this was his dog hauler.  Makes sense as the LR4 has tons of room for dog in the back if you aren’t using the extra 2 seats of the 3rd row.

Ben Affleck land Rover LR4

Jennifer Garner Picks Up A New Tesla Model S

Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck have great taste when it comes to their rides. Between their Mercedes GL, S63, new Land Rover LR4, and Audi S8, they’ve had some pretty sick cars, but most recently we spotted Jennifer Garner getting out of a brand new Tesla Model S! We think this car is B-E-A-utiful! Can’t wait to see a celebrity customize one. What do you think?

Jennifer Garner Tesla

Jennifer Garner Tesla Model S

Ben Affleck: Dad Duty In The Land Rover

Ben Affleck can’t catch a break when it comes to parking tickets. Affleck was spotted picking up his kids in their new Land Rover LR4 and finding a ticket on the windshield before getting into the drivers seat.

Ben Affleck Land Rover