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Jessica Biel Valets Her Audi Q7

Jessica Biel is a big Audi fan so it’s no surprise that she’s picked up a new Audi Q7 for her daily driver. Jessica was spotted valeting the white Q7 before meeting up with a friend recently.

Jessica Biel Audi Q7

Hugh Jackman: Audi For Life

Hugh Jackman’s newest film Real Steel hit theaters this weekend. We recently came across this video of Jackman talking about Audi and rolling up in an R8. From the sound of it, Jackman is a huge fan and we can’t blame him (who isn’t these days). He was also just named Audi’s newest Brand Ambassador…not a bad gig huh…

As a daily, Jackman drives the Audi Q7 because he says it’s got room for the kids but also has pickup. We like the way this guy thinks!

**Fun fact** Jackman is also a certified stunt driver so he really knows what he’s doing unlike some other celebs out there on the road.

Liev Schreiber Is An Audi Man

Liev Schreiber was recently spotted rocking his surfboard in the back of a red Audi Q7. Can’t say we’re huge fans of the red on the Q7. What do you think?

Liev Schreiber Audi Q7
















Liev Schreiber Audi Q7

Antonio Banderas Makes His Entrance In An Audi

Actor Antonio Banderas arrived to the Cannes Film Festival in the back of a white Audi Q7. Do you think the Audi Q7 is going to top the Escalade when it comes to a celebrity SUV of choice?

Antonio Banderas Audi Q7














Spotted: Jake Gyllenhaal Jumping Into His Audi

Jake Gyllenhaal tried to hide under his hood as he left the gym recently and hopped into his Audi Q7.

Jake Gyllenhaal Audi Q7