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We’d Never Get Tired Of This Lineup

It’s no secret that Jon Olsson has a sweet lineup. Last we knew he was actually selling his Audi R8 snow machine but from his latest updates it sounds like he’s hanging onto it. He recently shared this photo of both his R8 and his Q7. We’d drive either of these snow beasts any day! Would you?

Jon Olsson Audi

Last Weeks Guess Who – Miranda Kerr

Last weeks “Guess Who” was Miranda Kerr getting out of her Audi Q7.

Miranda Kerr

Miranda Kerr Audi Q7

Orlando Bloom: Audi Poster Child

If only we could all have a garage full of Audi’s like Orlando Bloom. Orlando spent the weekend running errands in his new Audi A7 and was also spotted taking his son on a hike in his Audi Q7.

Orlando Bloom Audi

Orlando Bloom Audi A7

Orlando Bloom Audi Q7

This Is How Mitt Romney Rolls Post-Election

Looks like Mitt Romney’s got some extra time on his hands post-election. Romney was spotted getting into an Audi Q7 after hitting the gym in San Diego earlier this week. It’s no Air Force One but it’ll do…

Mitt Romney Audi Q7

Shout out to Craig and Chris for the tips!

Michelle Williams Runs Errands In Her Audi

Michelle Williams was spotted running errands in her new Audi Q7 recently.

Michelle Williams Audi Q7