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Michael Huff of the Baltimore Ravens | Porsche Panamera

This Matte Black Porsche Panamera built for Michael Huff of the Baltimore Ravens is proof that not every matte-black car looks like crap. With that said, I think it would look better with a nice real-color paint-job. What do you think?

Michael Huff Porsche Panamera

Here is what it looked like before.

michael huff driveway

Gareth Bale’s Audi Obsession

Soccer star, Gareth Bale is worth A LOT of money -- and by a lot, I mean somewhere over $100 million. Bale recently transferred to Real Madrid where he'll be playing now for the next six years at least. Bale was spotted driving around in his Audi Q7 which I'm guessing is new now that he's playing for Real Madrid. However, Bale is no stranger when it comes to Audi's, he's been driving around in a white Audi R8 for quite a while now too.

Gareth Bale Audi Gareth Bale Audi Q7

(Photos: Zimbio)

Bale driving around in his Audi R8.

Gareth Bale Audi R8

(Photo: footballwood.com)

Victor Cruz Picks Up a New Ferrari

Looks like New York Giants wide receiver, Victor Cruz is throwing some of his new contract money into a Ferrari California. After signing a contract of somewhere around $43 million you'd think he would go for something a little more exciting than the California!

Victor Cruz Ferrari

(Source: TMZ)

Shout outs to RRGHOST and Chris for the tips!

Manuel Neuer Takes Delivery Of His New Audi RS6

FC Bayern's goalkeeper, Manuel Neuer recently took delivery of his brand new audi RS6 and posted a photo of it on his Facebook page to show it off. Thanks to the sponsorship between FC Bayern and Audi, each player is driving around in a new Audi. This isn't the first Audi for Neuer -- he's also had an Audi Q7.

If you could choose between any Audi model what would you go for?

Manuel Neuer Audi

(Photo: Manuel Neuer's FB Page)

Shout out to Emkay for the tip!

J.R. Smith’s Bentley Mulsanne

J.R. Smith shared a few photos on Instagram of his new red Bentley Mulsanne recently. I love the Mulsanne but I'm not sure how I feel about this color. If you had a chance to buy a Mulsanne would you go for this color?

JR Smith Bentley Mulsanne JR Smith Bentley

(Photos: teamswish Instagram)

Shout out to ThatDude for the tip.


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