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Richie Incognito Bashes His Own Ferrari?

...and now some bizarre news for today starring Richie Incognito...

TMZ first reported the news saying Richie Incognito's new Ferrari FF had been bashed with a baseball bat and that neighbors had reported the damage. Now, police are reporting that Incognito admitted to bashing the car himself. Can you say anger management issues?

So that's how the story stands now but who really knows what happened. Either way, this Ferrari is definitely going to need a little TLC.


Shout outs to Ken and Andrew for the tips!

Source (TMZ)

Spotted: Marshawn “Beast Mode” Lynch In His Aventador

It's game day in Seattle and Marshawn Lynch was spotted making a pit stop at Top Pot Doughnuts in his new Lamborghini Aventador before heading to the game. Lynch just picked up the Aventador from a dealership in Seattle over the holidays.


Marshawn Lynch Lamborghini Aventador

Source (@mcherrington Twitter)

Reggie Bush: Dad Duty In His Rolls Royce

Reggie Bush and his girlfriend/baby mama made a pit stop at a Beverly Hills baby store in Reggie's Rolls Royce recently.

Source (Zimbio)

Marshawn Lynch’s New “Beast Mode” Aventador

Seahawks running back, Marshawn "Beast Mode" Lynch is living up to his nickname with his new ride. Lynch's new white Lamborghini Aventador was recently delivered to him near Seattle and one of our readers caught a pick shortly after he got into the car (shout out to Karsten)! If there's one car I can think of for Lynch, the Aventador would be it!

If you live near Seattle, keep your eyes open for Beast Mode on the road!

Marshawn Lynch Lamborghini Aventador
Photo Credit (Karsten)

Spotted: Samuel Eto’o’s Black Ferrari LaFerrari

The rumor mill is buzzing and this time it's about Samuel Eto and the first Ferrari LaFerrari in London. Word on the street is, footballer, Samuel Eto'o is the proud owner of this black LaFerrari pictured below. This isn't Eto'o's first supercar though, while we've only seen him in his Bugatti Veyron before, the footballer has a seriously impressive lineup including, an Aston Martin One-77, Aston Martin V12 Zagato, Bugatti Veyron, Maybach Xenatec, Mansory Stallone 599 and to top it all off he even has a Koenigsegg on order because why the hell not, right?

Samuel Eto Ferrari Samuel Eto LaFerrari

Source: (thesupercarkids)

Thanks to RUFke for the tip

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