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Justin Tucker Kicking It In a Range Rover Sport

Justin Tucker is a kicker for the Baltimore Ravens and when he’s not watching the play from the sidelines, he’s sporting a Range Rover Sport around Baltimore.

Justin Tucker Kicking It In a Range Rover Sport

Reggie Miller’s New Range Rover

Reggie Miller might have the new Range Rover but it sure didn’t take him long to break it in. Reggie was spotted getting into his new Rover in L.A. recently. Hopefully he finds a car wash soon because this thing needs a good detail.

Reggie Miller Range Rover

(Photo: Zimbio)

Apolo Ohno’s Daily (BMW Alpina B7)

For someone that constantly travels and see’s beautiful things everyday, you’d think he could take a half-decent photo but like many other automotive photographers, he can’t seem to fit the whole car in the shot. But lets forget about that for the time being and instead congratulate Apolo Ohno for having such a sweet daily whip!

apolo ohno daily driver alpina B7

Marcus Spears’ King Ranch Ford Truck

I get the the idea of having a big truck but the wacky camo makes me think that Marcus Spears and Chris Brown must have been hanging out.  But before we jump on Marcus, this may have been No Limit’s choice of styling where the truck was recently outfitted with the camo, wheels and other customizations.

marcus spears ford king ranch

marcus spears big truck

Michael Huff of the Baltimore Ravens | Porsche Panamera

This Matte Black Porsche Panamera built for Michael Huff of the Baltimore Ravens is proof that not every matte-black car looks like crap. With that said, I think it would look better with a nice real-color paint-job. What do you think?

Michael Huff Porsche Panamera

Here is what it looked like before.

michael huff driveway

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