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J.R. Smith’s New Ferrari 458 Spider

J.R. Smith’s added a new ride to his collection, a new Ferrari 458 Spider, and he shared a photo of it recently. Smith was posing next to his new ride with matching red and white Jordan’s. His caption was, “Kicking it wit my new girl! #WeLikeToMatch”.

JR Smith Ferrari
Photo (@teamswish)
Shout out to Dave for the tip!

J.R. Smith’s Bentley Mulsanne

J.R. Smith shared a few photos on Instagram of his new red Bentley Mulsanne recently. I love the Mulsanne but I’m not sure how I feel about this color. If you had a chance to buy a Mulsanne would you go for this color?

JR Smith Bentley Mulsanne JR Smith Bentley

(Photos: teamswish Instagram)

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Ball So Hard: J.R. Smith’s Gurkha F5

Apparently J.R. Smith and Kanye West share the same taste when it comes to obnoxiously large rides¬†because while most people in NYC don’t even own a car, New York Knicks shooting guard, J.R. Smith has been spotted riding around the city in a Gurkha F5.

JR Smith Armored Truck

(Source: Yahoo)

Shout out to Ken for the tip!