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While you were sleeping…

Prince Willian and Princess Catherine in an Aston Martin Volante

Jason Statham: Mix Up At The Gas Station

Jason Statham was a little confused when he pulled up to a gas station in his Aston Martin. We guarantee Jason wont forget next time.

Jason Statham Aston Martin DBS Volante












What’s more embarrassing? Doing what Jason did or having to get back in the car and move it?

Pierce Brosnan Spotted In His Aston Martin

Pierce Brosnan, AKA the former James Bond was recently spotted driving around town in his silver Aston Martin Vanquish. Pierce has actually had the car for a while now and he didn’t even have to buy it for himself because the Vanquish was a gift from back in his Bond days. In an interview Pierce did a while back he mentioned he actually didn’t drive the car much because his wife is a well known environmentalist and the Vanquish isn’t exactly environmentally friendly. What?? Really?? How horrible. Who could let a car like that just sit around?

Pierce Brosnan Aston Martin Vanquish

Anyway, we just hope the front end doesn’t need any work after getting out of this driveway…

Joe Jonas Steps Up His Car Game

Joe Jonas was recently spotted returning to his Aston Martin DB9 with his girlfriend Ashley Green by his side. Wonder if he still has the G-Wagon too. We’d sure love to have the G-Wagon and the Aston Martin in our driveway. Wouldn’t you?

Joe Jonas Aston Martin


Source: X17 Online

Jason Statham’s Aston Martin DBS Volante

Now this is HOW action stars should roll the street! Jason Statham was spotted gassing up his gorgeous Aston Martin DBS Volante in Beverly Hills. No wonder this guy is dating a Victoria’s Secret model!

Jason Statham- Aston Martin DBS Volante

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