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Jason Statham’s Aston Martin DBS Volante

Now this is HOW action stars should roll the street! Jason Statham was spotted gassing up his gorgeous Aston Martin DBS Volante in Beverly Hills. No wonder this guy is dating a Victoria's Secret model!

Jason Statham- Aston Martin DBS Volante

Jay Leno – Something About This Car Seduces You

Jay is featuring the 2011 Aston Martin Vantage V12.  This car is sick.  It's the ultimate Celebrity Car.  So who will be the first celebrity to hop out in one?

Halle Berry’s Man Got A Classic Aston Martin

Here’s Halle Berry and her boyfriend Olivier Martinez who’s got one of the sweetest cars we’ve seen.  The couple was seen rolling the streets on a classic Aston Martin in Los Angeles, and looks like Halle’s got a real classy man on her leash!

Halle Berry's Man Got Classic Aston Martin

Halle Berry's Man Got A Classic Aston Martin

Bad Day Jack – Jack Osbourne’s Ex Ruined His Aston Martin DBS

Ozzy Osbourne's only son Jack has a pretty big problem-- a psycho ex who keyed the hell out of his Aston Martin DBS. The reality star allegedly filed a restraining order against his ex, but was denied by the D.A. We say this is injustice-- how would you feel if someone scratched phallic symbols on your ten thousand dollar-finish? He must have done something extremely nasty to piss her off like that!

 Jack Osbourne’s Ex Ruined His Aston Martin DBS

Mike Comrie’s Aston Martin DBS Sports Car

Hilary Duff’s pro NHL player husband was seen following her wife to the gym with no less than a breathtaking black Aston Martin DBS. This guy not only plays hockey as a living, but is also the heir to his family’s Brick Warehouse fortune. A hot Hollywood star for a wife, a pro career in hockey, a rich family and an Aston Martin-- this guy literally has it all.
Mike Comrie picks up Hilary in his Aston Martin DBS

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