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Why Doesn’t Ashlee Simpson Drive?

We’ve spotted Ashlee Simpson riding around in multiple cars over the years but we’ve never seen her actually driving. It’s usually her assistant driving her Mercedes-Benz E-Class, Range Rover, or this time, her Porsche Cayenne.

Photo Source (Zimbio)

Ashlee Simpson Has Her Assistant Drive Her Porsche

Ashlee Simpson was spotted with her assistant behind the wheel of her Porsche Cayenne recently. If we had a Porsche Cayenne we’d actually want to drive it — not just ride around in it.

Ashlee Simpson Porsche Cayenne

Ashlee Simpson Rides Shotgun In A Mercedes

Ashlee Simpson hops into the passenger side of a Mercedes-Benz E-Class.

Ashlee Simpson Mercedes Benz E-Class

Pete And Ashley Make Up In Their Range Rover

Pete Wentz and Ashlee Simpson were spotted out in their Range Rover with their son Bronx recently. Are they reconciling? Are they not? It’s sure hard to keep up with celebrity couples these days.

Ashlee Simpson Pete Wentz Range Rover












Source: X17 Online