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Amber Rose’s Jeep Got Another Makeover

Muva’s done it again! After first painting her Jeep Wrangler bumble gum pink when she first got it, followed by another change to chrome pink, Amber’s decided to switch things up once again by going army green! I was never personally a fan of either of the pinks, but I have to say that both suited her personality very well. I actually love the way it turned out now, but it’s definitely going to take some getting used to thinking of Amber in this one now. At this point I’m assuming that all the colors she’s put on this car were wraps, so I’m sure she’ll change it up again sometime in the near future! What color would you want to see her do next?

Amber Rose green jeep

Source: Instagram

Amber Rose Bought a Wraith

Amber Rose is without a doubt having her most successful year thus far since being in the entertainment industry. With her talk show, podcast, DWTS stint, and various other business endeavors it makes sense that she’d want to treat herself, and treat herself she did! A brand new Rolls Royce Wraith isn’t a bad way to celebrate all of your hard work. Amber actually just followed the footsteps of her best friend Blac Chyna who just got herself the exact same car Congrats to them both!

Amber Rose Wraith

Source: Zimbio

Amber Rose’s Jeep Is Now Pink Chrome!?

Amber Rose has been cruising around in a bright pink Jeep for a while now, but apparently the color scheme still wasn’t flashy enough! She recently decided to take it to a whole new level opting to wrap it in a attention grabbing Pink Chrome! We hope she doesn’t mind getting noticed!

Amber Rose Pink Chrome Jeep

Amber Rose Chrome Jeep

Source ( @amberrose & @roadstarrmotorsports )

Amber Rose’s Bubble Gum Pink Jeep

Amber Rose isn’t one to shy away from attention so it’s no surprise her new ride will make you look twice. Amber Rose was spotted stepping into her new bright pink Jeep in Hollywood earlier this week.

Photos (Zimbio)

This is One Way to Ride Around on a Can-Am…

Amber Rose and Blac Chyna were spotted riding around on their Can-Am’s in bodysuits recently. We don’t even know what to say about this so we’ll leave it to the comments. Go ahead, we know you have a comment…

Photos (Zimbio)