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Tyga’s Tiger Sitting On a Rolls Royce

Owning a tiger as a pet doesn't exactly sound like the smartest thing on the planet, but I guess when you're a rapper and your name is Tyga it probably sounds pretty good. That's right, Tyga owns his very own tiger now and to top it all off he had the pet tiger pose for a photo while sitting on the roof of a matte black Rolls Royce.  Ahhh the life of a rapper...

Tyga Rolls Royce

and then this is how you hang in the studio...totally safe right?

Tyga pet tiger

Source (@kinggoldchains)

TBT: Ice T Posing on a Rolls Royce

Ice T knows how to throw it back. Here's a photo of him on the roof of a Rolls Royce back in the 80's. Check out the license plate.

Ice T Rolls Royce

Meek Mill Poses With a Rolls Royce and Corvette

Just recently, Meek Mill shared this photo on Instagram of a recent video shoot he was doing with a Rolls Royce Drophead Coupe and a new Corvette Stingray. There's a Bentley off to the side of the photo too. Not sure why you'd crop the Bentley out!

Meek Mill Rolls Royce

Source (@meekmill)


Swizz Beatz Gets a Flat on His Rolls Royce

It seems like Swizz Beatz is really on a roll lately, first the Aventador  and now this Wraith.  Swizz shared this photo on Instagram with the caption, "NYC never fails. #potholecity But I still love my city. LMAO :) #icantcomplainiswear".

Swizz Beatz Rolls Royce

Source (@therealswizzz)

Shout out to Ricardo for the tip!

Jamie Foxx Rolls Through Miami In Style

Looks like Jamie Foxx has a Rolls Royce for both coasts. In Los Angeles, Foxx is usually driving around in his Phantom Drophead coupe but this past weekend, the cameras spotted Foxx rolling around the streets of Miami in a white Rolls Royce Ghost. Which one would you take, the Ghost or the Drophead?

Source (Zimbio)

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