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Chumlee Likes To Hang With The Big Boys

Somehow Chumlee has a Rolls Royce and somehow that makes him friends with other people that own Rolls Royce’s (along with other sweet rides). Chumlee recently posted this photo to twitter. Do you know anyone in this photo? Whoever they are they must be doing something right based on the cars they’re driving.

Chumlee Rolls Royce

Beyonce and Jay-Z In A Vintage Rolls Royce

Beyonce shared some candid photos last week of her and Jay Z driving around in a vintage Rolls Royce convertible.

Beyonce Rolls Royce Jay Z Rolls Royce

Beyonce Vintage Rolls Royce

James Harden’s Ballin’ In A Rolls Royce

Houston Rockets guard, James Harden was spotted heading to lunch in Beverly Hills with his Rolls Royce Ghost yesterday. This is the first time I’ve seen Harden driving around before and from the looks of it, he and his new teammate, Dwight Howard already have a mutual love for Rolls Royce’s.

James Harden Rolls Royce Ghost James Harden Rolls Royce

Who is Yo Gotti

Today I stumbled into Yo Gotti who appears to be a wrapper from Memphis.  I’ve never heard of him before but after scanning his Instagram for a bit, it looks like he’s been doing big things for a while.

So what’s his story and why is he flossing such sick whips? See more here

yo gotti standing on rolls royce

Ben Baller: Ballin In A Black Ghost

Ben Baller took his Rolls Royce Ghost to the guys at Platinum Motorsports recently to give it the blacked out touch. The only thing it looks like they didn’t darken is the windows. Wouldn’t you want to tint the windows too? I would! Either way, it still looks pretty sick! What do you like more, the before or the after?

Ben Baller Rolls Royce

Before photo:

Ben Baller Rolls Royce Ghost

Shout out to Jason for the tip!

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