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Nicky Diamonds: Rolling a Wraith

Diamond Supply Co. owner, Nicky Diamonds first caught our attention with his customized “diamond blue” Ferrari 458 Italia. The “diamond blue” theme continued with his 1969 El Camino and his 1970 Chevelle SS but with his latest purchase he seems to be keeping things stock — for now that is. Nicky Diamonds ordered his new ROlls Royce Wraith four months ago and finally took delivery last week. Do you think he’ll keep it stock? As much as we love the diamond blue, the Wraith should probably stay as is. What do you think? 

Nicky Diamonds Rolls Royce Wraith

Nicky Diamonds Rolls Royce

Photo Source (@nickydiamonds)

Shout out to Andrew for the tip!


Tyrese’s Custom Rolls Royce Ghost Sprinter

We still don’t know if the exterior is customized in some way, but Tyrese has been sharing multiple interior photos of his new custom “Rolls Royce Ghost Sprinter Van” over the past few days. From the interior photos you can see the custom Rolls Royce seats in an obnoxious pink and beige. Also, is it just me or does this look like it belongs on that MTV show My Sweet Sixteen?

Tyrese Rolls Royce Sprinter Van Tyrese Rolls Royce Van

Source (@tyrese)

Jennifer Lopez Makes an Entrance in her Rolls Royce

Jennifer Lopez was recently spotted getting out of the backseat of her Rolls Royce Ghost in an alley behind the Jimmy Kimmel Live show in Los Angeles.

Source (Zimbio)

Video: Carl Crawford Rolling In a Wraith

L.A. Dodgers left fielder, Carl Crawford has great taste in cars. Crawford and his fiance, Evelyn Lozada were spotted leaving a restaurant in Hollywood recently with their white Rolls Royce Wraith.

Source (YouTube)
Shout out to Oskar for the tip!

Kim Kardashian: So Much Junk In The Trunk

Kim Kardashian was spotted unloading a bunch of stuff from the back of her blacked out Rolls Royce Ghost recently.

Source (Zimbio)

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