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Chelsea Handler’s Bentley

We don’t follow Chelsea Handler all that much and I had no idea she was, did, or is dating or sleeping with 50 Cent but apparently while she was in a relationship she bought a Bentley Continental GT to “one-up” him.  This ofcourse was brought to our attention by Reece Reinema on twitter which sent us looking and what do you know…

Chelsea Handler Bentley
Photo Credit: Wildabeast

50 Cent Travels Around London In A Maybach

50 Cent was recently spotted leaving the ‘Triple Entertainment’ end of season party at the Movida club in London in a Maybach.

50 Cent Maybach

Video: Inside Look At 50 Cent’s Car Collection

Check out the video below for an up close and personal tour of 50 Cent‘s Lamborghini Murcielago, Rolls Royce Ghost and Ferrari F430. Oh, and his (not too shabby) house in the Hollywood Hills that makes us want to start our own Vitamin Water line.

Thanks to one of our readers from CreamBmp for the video tip!

50 Cent Leaves His Workout In A Rolls Royce

We’d be motivated to go to the gym too if we knew we’d be rollin there in a Rolls Royce. 50 Cent was recently spotted leaving his morning workout in a blue Rolls Royce. Not a bad way to start your day…

50 Cent Rolls Royce

50 Cent Rolls Royce

50 Cent Buys Floyd Mayweather Jr. A Rolls Royce For Birthday

Floyd Mayweather Jr. celebrated his 34th birthday with good friend 50 Cent in Las Vegas last night with a little cake, a little gambling, lots of drinking…oh and a Rolls Royce. Deciding what to get the friend that has it all is tough but I guess it’s not too tough when you’re 50 Cent and you have it all too! 50 surprised Floyd with a brand new 2012 Rolls Royce Phantom waiting outside. Floyd also received a diamond studded Breitling watch worth over $1 million from his fiance but that’s besides the point right?

50 Cent Floyd Mayweather

Floyd Mayweather Rolls Royce Phantom