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Actress and YouTube Personality, Trisha Paytas’ Pink G-Wagon

When you are a blonde bombshell actress who resides in the Hollywood Hills, it’s only fitting that you drive the most ostentatious pink Mercedes G-Wagon. It also wouldn’t be right to have all of the modifications done at some no-name shop, so of course it was sent to West Coast Customs for the complete makeover. […]

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Samuel L. Jackson spotted in a Toyota Camry!?

When you are big name Hollywood actor, the usual vehicle of choice is something luxurious, expensive, fast, and typically not economical. Some though opt for something much more bland and basic in a seemingly desperate attempt to fit in with the crowd. For example, Samuel L. Jackson, one of the hottest celebrities in the world […]

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Footballer Dickson Nwakaeme upgrades his Range Rover

While Soccer might not be quite as popular as other sports here in the United States, it still remains the most popular sport in the world. The result? Lots of very well paid players who love to spend their money on crazy rides. Nigerian soccer star Dickson Nwakaeme chose his Range Rover to be converted […]

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Yo Gotti has a New Favorite Color

There is a saying in the entertainment industry that goes, “There is no such thing as bad publicity”. Unfortunately some celebrities interpret that as, “There is no such thing as bad car modifications”. Our latest culprit is rapper Yo Gotti who has decided to change his fleet of cars from a classic white color scheme […]

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Flipping Vegas host Scotty Yancey buys another exclusive new Porsche

Flipping real-estate has often been proven to be a very lucrative business. Being a TV Personality has also proven to produce quite the cash flow. Combine the two, and you have a recipe for big success. Scott Yancey continues to do just that. Recently we showed you a Porsche GT3 that he had just picked […]

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