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Jennifer Garner Hops Into Her Lexus LS

Jennifer Garner seems to have no shortage of luxury cars at her disposal! From a Mercedes-Benz S63, to a Tesla Model S and Land Rover LR4. Most recently though she was seen hopping into her new grey Lexus LS! Her and Ben Affleck have actually owned a grey Lexus LS Hybrid before, and it seems they liked it so […]

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Kylie Showing Off “His & Her” Ferrari’s

Kylie recently took to Instagram to show off her custom Ferrari 458 along with a new red Ferrari 488 GTB with the caption, ‘his & hers / 488 & 458″. We’re assuming by “his” she means her boyfriend Tyga, but we are yet to find out for sure. If the 488 GTB does in fact belong to […]

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Brandi Cyrus’s Range Rover Sport

Brandi Cyrus is indeed another one of Miley Cyrus’s sisters! It seems the Cyrus girls sure do love their SUVs, from Miley with her Porsche Cayenne, to Noah with her Jeep Wrangler, and now Brandi with her Range Rover Sport!  Out of all of them, the Range Rover is definetley our favorite especially with the […]

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Mischa Barton Hopping Out Of Her BMW X6

Mischa Barton is certainly no stranger to nice rides. With her appearance on this season of Dancing With The Stars, she is back on the radar of the paparazzi! This time she was spotted hopping out of her black BMW X6 while heading into practice for the show! Source (Zimbio)

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Durrani Popal’s Matte Green Ferrari California

Durrani Popal is the star of the upcoming new show DASH Dolls!, which is a reality show surrounding the Kardashian’s DASH clothing boutique in Los Angeles. Durrani has already been referred to as a “mini Kim Kardashian” and is certainly filling the role well by cruising around LA in a custom matte green Ferrari California! With […]

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