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Tyga Can Apparently Afford A Bugatti

We’ve posted many times in regards to Tyga and his never ending fleet of cars, all of which seem way out of his price range. It’s been a little while since we’ve seen him out but he more than made up for his absence by recently showing off his new Bugatti Veyron. That’s right..Tyga now has a Bugatti. It’s seemingly a mystery to me how after years of really not having any hits and being notable for anything other than once dating Kylie Jenner, he seems to be able to afford more and more expensive cars as time goes on. Aside from questioning the financial means in which he’s purchased this car, I will see I love the color scheme and I’ll always love a Bugatti so I’d like to say to Tyga; Congrats and let’s hope this isn’t the straw that breaks bankruptcy’s back.

Tyga Bugatti

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