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Soulja Boy’s Adds A Range Rover To His Collection

Soulja Boy is essentially one of those one hit wonder rappers who has a seemingly endless amount of cash flow, and he just proved that point again by purchasing a new white Range Rover. Even though he hasn’t had a hit since 2007, Soulja Boy has a pretty impressive fleet of cars which include a Huracan, a Bugatti, and a few Bentleys. While there’s definitely been some question in the past about whether or not he owns all the cars he poses with, he’s made it pretty clear by his posts that this is in fact his car. Range Rovers can get a little stale considering every celebrity and their mother drives one, but this one definitely stands out with it’s two tone paint job and a few other minor customizations. Not too shabby, Soulja.



2 Responses to Soulja Boy’s Adds A Range Rover To His Collection

  1. Marc says:

    This car belongs to a company called PCNY, they are a car concierge company and this car was rented to him by them.

  2. Ryan says:

    “Soulja Boy is essentially one of those o e hit wonder rappers”
    Crank Day, Kiss Me Thru the Phone, Turn My Swag On and Pretty Boy Swag would all like to have a word with you outside…

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