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Travis Scott’s Burnt Orange Ferrari 488

It’s a safe bet to say that I’m currently borderline obsessed with rapper Travis Scott’s Ferrari 488 GTB. Something about that specific orange just makes the car pop in ways that the usual black, white or red just don’t. Keep in mind that this is someone who has personally only ever owned black, white or red (and silver) cars. I also love the rims on the GTB edition versus the standard 488 model. Travis Scott has also previously dated the one and only Rihanna, so he essentially has everything I’ve ever wanted in life. I like your style┬áTravis!

Travis Scott Ferrari 488

Source: Instagram

4 Responses to Travis Scott’s Burnt Orange Ferrari 488

  1. turbospr says:

    Beautiful car.. This color is a fantastic ­čÖé

  2. Marco polo says:

    Guys it’s a red Ferrari it’s just the filter making it look orange

  3. Cam Kardashian says:

    I’ve always felt orange looked a little off on a Ferrari, but hey at least it’s different!

  4. anonymous says:

    There is no “gtb edition” it’s called the 488 gtb. They are just optional wheels, and “rims” are not a thing.

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