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Ben Baller’s GT3RS – Race OR Ruin

Ben Baller is known for having the sickest cars and while the GT3RS is one of the sickest cars, I can’t help but cringe that Ben Baller has put Rotiform wheels on his Porsche GT3RS.

Ben, the car deserves better!  Let us know if you think Ben is ruining the GT3RS!

Ben Baller GT3RS

Source: Ben Baller IG

5 Responses to Ben Baller’s GT3RS – Race OR Ruin

  1. mrmc83 says:

    im not sure how you cringe there custom wheels and look pretty sick not many companies do work on a spinoff wheel that the GT3rs requires and these look stock like

  2. Lachlan says:

    Oh man! Rotiforms! Devastating. Normally he goes to platinum motor group and puts some mad 3 piece forged wheels on his cars.

    His S65 AMG is fucking sick too. He has a new range rover vogue as well.. Pretty much dream garage right there. (Maybe plus an old mazda rx7 race car)

  3. mrmc83 says:

    i dont see this car lasting longer then feb 2017 he just hinted at a new super car coupe that will im sure replace this i think for the build time he was limited he had these wheels on in less then 3 weeks his s65 is crazy yes but noone doing s65 coupes the 911 has been done so many times that wheels on this isnt the issue

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