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Kylie Jenner’s Mercedes G-Wagon Is For Sale!

If any of you have a thing for Kylie Jenner and are in the market for a Mercedes G-Wagon, then today is your lucky day! Kylie Jenner’s G-Wagon is currently for sale for a respectable $145K! With less than 5K miles and being “celebrity owned”, the price is actually not that bad. Though you will need to spend a little extra cash removing the awful velvet wrap and maybe picking up some better wheels..

If you are interested, check out Newport Coast Auto for the full listing!

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Kylie Jenner Mercedes-Benz G Wagon

Source (Newport Coast Auto)

2 Responses to Kylie Jenner’s Mercedes G-Wagon Is For Sale!

  1. Jamzez says:

    Kylie replaced her G-Wagon with a New Range Rover SVR Autobiography Edition if you look at her Snapchat.

    G-Wagons are so over. Kylie was the last celeb to be seen driving a G-Wagon…everyone has moved on to Range Rover. None of the Kardashians drive G-Wagons anymore. Kim, Khloe, Kris, Kylie and Rob dumped them for the Range, which is the it vehicle in Hollywood.

  2. I like the G Wagon but it is Kylie’s? Got to have it!

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