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Philipp Plein’s Rolls-Royce Dawn & Lamborghini Aventador

Philipp Plein is a popular German fashion designer known for his eponymous luxury brand. His clothes are pretty flashy and bold, so its fitting that his rides are also rather flashy. His latest addition is the new Rolls-Royce Dawn to go along with his Lamborghini Aventador Roadster and Bentley Continental. Clearly those high designer fashion profit margins are treating him well!

Philipp Plein Rolls-Royce Dawn Philipp Plein Rolls-Royce Philipp Plein Lamborghini Aventador Philipp Plein Lamborghini Bentley

Source (@philippplein78)

3 Responses to Philipp Plein’s Rolls-Royce Dawn & Lamborghini Aventador

  1. joseph says:

    awesome article

  2. coc says:

    Not a bad collection of car for a designer! Wonder if thats only for the sale of clothing or just borrowed cars?

  3. Street Wheels says:

    awesome! i love the lamborgini

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