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Jay Z & Beyonce Cruising In An Alfa Romeo Spider!?

Jay Z and Beyonce are still arguably one of the most powerful couples on the planet right now. Although they are usually chauffeured around when they need to get places (Jay Z prefers to be driven around in a Cadillac Escalade), that doesn’t stop them from getting behind the wheel themselves from time to time! On a recent trip to Italy, they were spotted cruising around in a vintage Alfa Romeo Spider! The little Italian sports car is a perfect, albeit maybe a little cliché, way of getting around the country in style! It is unusual to see such popular celebs driving around like this, but we definitely don’t mind!

Jay Z Beyone Alfa Romeo Jay Z Beyonce Alfa Romeo Spider

Thank you Paolo for the rare photos!!

3 Responses to Jay Z & Beyonce Cruising In An Alfa Romeo Spider!?

  1. Van says:

    It’s not arguable, they’re the top celebrity couple with Brad and Angelina as a close second. Could call it a tie though I guess.

    More importantly, nice car. Cruising in a vintage beauty is on the bucket list for me.

  2. Class and style, that is Jay Z to a tee!

  3. BD says:

    Bonnie and Clyde (Hov and B)!!

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