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Kendall Jenner Still Loves Range Rovers

Since Kylie Jenner has been getting so much attention lately, it seemed like a good time to fill you in on her sister Kendall’s current car situation, which is fortunately pretty easy to follow. Basically she went from this black Range Rover, to another black Range Rover, to.. wait for it… another black Range Rover! Recently though she stepped out of her comfort zone and painted her Range Rover matte grey which we think actually looks pretty good!

Kendall Jenner Range Rover

Kendall Jenner Custom Range Rover

Kendall Jenner Range Rover Land Rover

Source (Zimbio)

Thanks Jensen for the Tip!

4 Responses to Kendall Jenner Still Loves Range Rovers

  1. Kash says:

    That’s a really nice look, the only thing i’d add is clear tail lights, carbon fiber side vents and other accents, and i’d swap the rims out for something simpler, like 5 or 7 thick spoke rims.

  2. Doug DeMuro says:

    It could be a vinyl wrap, not matte gray paint.

  3. RngeRvr says:

    If she drop some Mud on them wheels,…baddest chick she will be..take over the game real quick ha..i think a Rover gets sad with no dirt/mud anyways

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