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Drake’s Custom Lamborghini Aventador!

Drake has been on fire lately not only with his music but with his car game as well! Even after recently picking up a McLaren 675LT and Rolls-Royce Dawn, he took it a step further and bought a new Lamborghini Aventador roadster! Although it already has a sick matte grey and yellow color scheme, he still threw on some crazy aftermarket HRE wheels to really set it apart. Of course all of the work was done by his partner in crime Tony Bet from Driving Emotions in Canada! We are definitely a fan.

Drake Lamborghini Aventador

Drake Custom Lamborghini Aventador

Drake Custom Lamborghini

Source (@tonybet)

Thanks Kwezi for the tip!

7 Responses to Drake’s Custom Lamborghini Aventador!

  1. ThatDude says:

    Dang, missed it. Nice tip

  2. That’s the advantage of being a millionaire

  3. Harry Silver says:

    Wow, he is really rich, and the car is gorgeous! Thanks for your nice post and great photos!

  4. john says:

    great car

  5. I very like Drake’s Custom Lamborghini Aventador! it beautufull

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