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Kylie Jenner’s Blue Ferrari 458 Spider!

It appears Kylie’s Ferrari 458 Spider has gone through a makeover yet again! From our understanding, the car was originally white when she got it for her 18th birthday, then had it wrapped in matte grey with red Forgiato wheels, then went back to white with white wheels, and now she has wrapped it in a light blue with the stock wheels?! She did just break up with her boyfriend Tyga so we can assume she wanted to change things up (he liked all white cars). Regardless, we hope she keeps it like this for a little while because we love the light blue! Note the personalized “Kylie” on the brake calipers too.

Kylie Jenner Blue Ferrari 458 Spider Kylie Jenner Blue Ferrari 458

Source (@westcoastcustoms & @kyliejenner)

One Response to Kylie Jenner’s Blue Ferrari 458 Spider!

  1. Kash says:

    I love the “Kylie” calipers because it’s kinda clever. I never thought of having my done like that, not so much with my name but with something other than what’s on them. That blue is also gorgeous!

    I’m also wondering what she’s gonna do with her white Range Rover. Personally I like what Kendall did with hers so I’m hoping she’ll do something similar.

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