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Gordon Ramsay Picks Up Exclusive Ferrari F12 TDF!

Everyones favorite celebrity Chef and popular Ferrari aficionado, Gordon Ramsay, has taken delivery of one of the very first Ferrari F12 TDF’s! With only 799 examples being built, and all of them only going to special Ferrari clients, the chances of seeing one out on the road will be very slim. Fortunately Gordon isn’t afraid to take his out on the streets for everyone to enjoy! He even went as far as letting a young fan hop into the drivers seat! Make sure to check out the video below of him cruising around London!

Gordon Ramsay Ferrari F12 TDF

Source (TheTFJJ)

2 Responses to Gordon Ramsay Picks Up Exclusive Ferrari F12 TDF!

  1. zane says:

    am i the only one who thinks this car looks like a dodge viper?

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