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Ochocinco’s Custom Smart Car is Here!

We recently showed you a “before” photo of Ochocino’s new 2016 Smart Car prior to receiving a complete makeover from the guys at The Auto Firm in Miami. Ochocinco proudly boasted about the car only costing $20 to fill up and getting 55 mpg. Clearly though he felt it still needed some help in the looks department, as he chose to give it a new completely black on black on black color scheme along with some custom wheels to match.

Chad Johnson Ochocinco Smart Car Chad Johnson Ochocinco Smart

Source (@theautofirm)

One Response to Ochocinco’s Custom Smart Car is Here!

  1. John says:

    Getting the best of both worlds by customizing a fuel-efficient car sounds great! The matte black looks really good, even on the small frame of the Smart Car.

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