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Chill Out – This is NOT Justin Bieber’s La Ferrari

We’ve received about a dozen tips on this photo and we too saw it and were tripping for a short second until we realized that this is Lewis Hamilton’s La Ferrari and not Biebers.

Justin Bieber Ferrari LaFerrari

Here is a pic of it sitting in a Ferrari Showroom. Photo Credit: Adam Bornstein

Lewis Hamilton La Ferrari

Source: Instagram


2 Responses to Chill Out – This is NOT Justin Bieber’s La Ferrari

  1. Aasy Ayt says:

    They look pretty identical

  2. Come on! Justin has been on this destructive path for quite some time now. His unhealthy behavior appears to be escalating to dangerous levels. Primarily, because he is now attacking people.
    My honest opinion, is that he is behaving like a drug addict, alcoholic, depressed individual , or all three.
    He is a loose cannon.
    Where is his security team?
    Where is his business manager?
    Where is his true friends?
    Where is his mother?
    Where is his father?
    He might have ran every one away. It’s very possible that he refuses to listen to anybody. Maybe Ellen D. can reach out to him. She is the only person that I have seen him act civilized around.

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