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Shaq’s Cat Sees Red

As if a Dodge Challenger Hellcat wasn’t angry enough, Shaq decided to make his see red. With the predominantly white look and black features, those red halos certainly look sinister.


Photo (shaq)

7 Responses to Shaq’s Cat Sees Red

  1. BD says:

    See more pictures here: #shaqcat

  2. TheRandomMan says:

    I am digging the lighting in the wheel wells and the headlights. Not a big fan of white on most cars but the lighting made me like it a lot. Not a bad way to customize a hellcat. I’m happy he didn’t go crazy with kits and color-schemes on this one. It’s simple yet mean. Wouldn’t expect anything else from Shaq (Unless it was a Hummer, Escalade or almost any other SUV anyway, lol).

  3. Eric L says:

    That is NOT a Hellcat….probably a Scat Pack Shaker, as you can see 392 Hemi, on the shaker scoop, and the Hellcat is a 6.2L Supercharged engine and the front fascia of the Hellcat is totally different.

  4. Emkay says:

    Definitely not a Hellcat

  5. Emkay says:

    and it looks like shit

  6. Dirk C says:

    Others have said it, but it’s a Scat-Pack shaker hood Chally, not a Hellcat.

  7. James says:

    It actually is. All the car sites called it his Hellcat, too. Known as the “Shaqcat”, Shaq made it known this wasn’t the regular 485-bhp Challenger 392 Hemi, despite the badges on the shaker hood. Maybe he preferred the shaker intake style?

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