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Spotted: Scott Disick Valeting His Mercedes AMG GT

Scott Disick may not be dating Kourtney Kardashian anymore but he hasn’t let that put a damper on his love of nice cars. Disick was spotted getting into his Mercedes-Benz AMG GT outside a store in Hollywood earlier this week.

Photos (Zimbio)

5 Responses to Spotted: Scott Disick Valeting His Mercedes AMG GT

  1. Anders says:

    Scott is a father of three. So let’s repeat the following:

    The CO2-level in the is up to 400 ppm (parts per million) from around 280 ppm before the industrialization, and the average mean sea level has risen some 9-10 inches during the same time and is showing no signs what so ever of stopping.

    By driving a Tesla Model S instead of this gasoline propelled Mercedes, Scott could lower his CO2 footprint considerably. He could lower it even further by installing solar panels on the roof of his home. LA gets A LOT of sun!

    That’s really the least he could do for his three children. He could of course do a lot more…

  2. Otasowie says:

    Omg again ? , are you going to post this on every celeb not driving a tesla ? , I understand the efficiency, (as I’m not mental) , but really ?

  3. Anders says:

    And your problem is what exactly?

  4. Otasowie says:

    My problem is why ? we didn’t get it the first time ? What is the effect of your comment ? non of these celebs are even going to read our posts let alone even know about this website , just drop it, buy a Tesla and stay bliss all to yourself

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