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What’s Luda’s Second Favorite Car?

It’s no secret that Ludacris’ favorite car is his 1993 Acura Legend but what car comes next in line? His BMW Alpina B7. Luda shared a photo of himself standing on the roof of the white BMW recently including the caption, “My 2nd fav car #alpinab7”.

Ludacris BMW Alpina B7

His Alpina B7 is part of what he calls the “cocaine collection of his fleet” which also includes his Range Rover and his Mercedes-Benz Sprinter.

Ludacris Cars

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6 Responses to What’s Luda’s Second Favorite Car?

  1. Anders says:

    Here’s another father of three.

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    By driving a Tesla Model S instead of a gasoline propelled BMW (Alpina) and a GAS GUZZLING KILLER JEEP, Ludacris could lower his CO2 footprint considerably.

    That’s really the least he could do for his three children. He could of course do a lot more…

    • Van says:

      Go away, troll.

      • Anders says:

        WTF is your problem?

        Am I wrong!

        Do you want Miami and New York and who knows how many cities uninhabitable due to sea level rise in a ~100 years?

        • Victor says:

          you know, you used to annoy me, but then I realize, I like your comments

        • TheRandomMan says:

          Proof of this being the case in 100 years? Why not just tell everyone to walk? Wouldn’t that save a lot more of the earth in the long run? Why not just go back to living in shacks with no electricity and living off of what you grow? I’m sure there is someone somewhere that can even throw out some reports that even driving a tesla harms something somewhere.

  2. Anders says:

    I posted a reply, but it’s “awaiting moderation”…

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