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Gavin Rossdale Steps Out in his Aston Martin

Gavin Rossdale’s personal life may be in shambles right now but his car game is still on point. Over the years, Gavin and Gwen have owned their fair share of amazing cars including, their Rolls Royce Wraith, a Porsche Panamera, multiple Range Rovers, G-Wagon’s, and more but it looks like Gavin has a new toy. Gavin was spotted getting out of an Aston Martin Rapide S in Los Angeles recently.

Photos (Zimbio)

8 Responses to Gavin Rossdale Steps Out in his Aston Martin

  1. Anders says:

    Here’s a father of four (!) obviously completely oblivious about Man-Made Global Warming.

    Tragic. Tragic. Tragic.

    There happens to be a car producing a fraction of the green house gas emissions this GAS GUZZLING Aston emits – The Tesla Model S.

    Why isn’t Gavin driving a Tesla instead?


    • Shaydenm says:


      Those fossil fuel electricity sucking, road using monsters.

      Terrible. Terrible. Terrible.

      I ride a bike made of sustainable timber grown using no water, that has solar panels crafted from recycled materials, and it flies in the air so it doesn’t need roads.

      Get on board Anders. Why aren’t you riding a magic bike instead.


      • Koenigsegg says:

        It’s the greatest car ever made. Dont be jealous you cant afford one. Start doing something with your life and make money so you can get the best car ever made.

      • Anders says:

        I am (of course) riding a bike (!). It is however not made of timber grown using no water. As you know, there’s no such thing. Instead it’s made of aluminum and steel. But sometimes I need a car just as Gavin (probably) does in the picture above. And a Tesla Model S is a lot less money than that Aston…

  2. Koenigsegg says:

    A Rapide? LOL

    He needs to get rid of that dinosaur and get a Tesla.

    Celebs fascinate me with their car choice.

  3. Otasowie says:

    Oh my god here he goes again , how about bozo instead of voicing your opinions here (which I’m sure no one cares about), and go up to these celebs personally and nag to them cause it ain’t doing much here

    • Anders says:

      1. Personally I live in Sweden. And Gavin is where? LA? Going to LA without emitting a shitload of green house gases would take a long time. I’d rather spend that time doing something else instead? As a comparison it takes just a couple of minutes writing a comment on this blog for instance.

      2. I think everyone that needs a car and can afford a Tesla should buy one. I’m saving all my money to replace my current methane propelled VW Station Wagon with a Tesla (or something equivalent) as soon as possible. In Sweden about 60% of all methane for vehicles comes from recycled organic waste. Also: ZERO fracking in Scandinavia AFAIK.

  4. Otasowie says:

    Koenigsegg , what a contradicting name Lol but would a Prius or other electric cars be sufficient? Do you think celebs only should be driving Tesla’s or the whole world , because they are very pricey .

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