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French Montana, P. Diddy, i8’s, and Private Jets

Not everyone’s birthday involves a BMW i8, a private jet, and P. Diddy but French Montana’s did. French shared a photo of himself and Diddy on the tarmac with a P.J. and French’s i8 in the background. Must. Be. Nice.

French Montana BMW i8
Photo (@frenchmontana)

5 Responses to French Montana, P. Diddy, i8’s, and Private Jets

  1. Shaydenm says:

    Quick, someone tell Anders the plane isn’t a Tesla.

    Do Teslas drive on water yet? Or fly? Because we seriously need to get rid of all boats and planes. In the meantime we should cease all international travel. Tell all the leading scientists & climatologists who travel the world sharing their knowledge about how to address climate change to stop it immediately. Perhaps they could work on the flying Tesla.

  2. Otasowie says:

    LOL ^^ really !

  3. Mommy says:

    What is Anders?

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