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Is Lewis Hamilton Serious About Getting a G63 6×6?

I have know idea if Lewis Hamilton is serious about getting a Mercedes G63 6×6 but I hope he is. Lewis is awesome in that he is not scared to do things different like his purple Pagani Zonda.

Is this Lewis Hamiltons next whip

Source: Instagram

6 Responses to Is Lewis Hamilton Serious About Getting a G63 6×6?

  1. DJL says:

    Does Lewis have a place in the USA, because you really couldn’t drive something that big in Monaco or most places in the U,K, If I had to bet he was either doing some promo work for Mercedes, or just wanted to have some fun and so called up the company he works for and asked if he could take one out for a test drive. And of course Merc said yes, and then sent along some photographers, because they aren’t stupid.

    I heard a story thru the grape vine about the Pagani. Apparently there is a lot of different reasons why he bought the Zonda (looks, performance, etc.) but one of the big reasons is he knew he’d be able to drive it regardless of who he was working for as a race car driver. He couldn’t exactly be seen driving around in a car made by a major F1 player if he wasn’t actually driving for that team (ie: driving a Ferrari while working for Merc or McLaren). With the Zonda he can drive it whenever he wants without worry about getting in trouble with his employers (whoever that might be).

  2. bigD says:

    He deserves it

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