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Amber Heard Goes Shopping In A Dodge Journey

Amber Heard - Dodge Journey

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This all out Texas gal, known for her love of guns and muscle cars, particularly her ’68 Mustang, has been snapped at L.A.’s Whole Foods in something… well, something Jeremy Clarkson would be disappointed to see her in.

The mention of Clarkson has nothing to do with his infamous fist and subsequent sacking from the BBC; the Top Gear presenter’s presence here only highlights Amber heard’s boring choice of vehicle, the Dodge Journey.

You see, in 2011, the Drive Angry star appeared on the UK show, her mere presence leaving Clarkson weak at the knees – despite being bisexual, she pretty much left the UK with the impression she was a lesbian, line-dancing, gun-toting, muscle car enthusiast.

I can only assume, husband, Johnny Depp has explained to her: whilst her shopping and groceries may fit into the truck of her Mustang, she’d need something a little bigger to accommodate her guns, too.

Amber Heard - Dodge Journey

Photos (Autoevolution)

One Response to Amber Heard Goes Shopping In A Dodge Journey

  1. DJL says:

    Whenever I see a celeb driving around in something that just doesn’t make sense, I can’t help wondering if it’s a loaner. Maybe she’s currently filming a project where Dodge is paying for promotional consideration and she was contractually obligated to drive either the Journey or a Ram ProMaster City. I guess even movie stars have to occasionally make sacrifices for their careers. 🙂

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