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Meek Mill’s Ridiculous Lineup

From recent Instagram photos, it looks like Meek Mill’s added a couple new cars to his lineup. We knew about his Rolls Royce Ghost and his Bentley Mulsanne but now he’s added a sweet looking Bentley Flying Spur, new Mercedes S-Class, and a Mercedes G63. Talk about the ultimate lineup!

Meek Mill G Wagon Meek Mill Bentley

Photos (@meekmill)

Shout out to Olu-Olu for the tip!

12 Responses to Meek Mill’s Ridiculous Lineup

  1. TrustFundBaby says:

    How can someone with a Net Worth of only 2 million dollars own $400,000+ worth of cars?

  2. Matt says:

    Thats would be closer to 1 000 000 $ +

    • TrustFundBaby says:

      $400,000+ means ANY number greater than $400,000 which would include $1,000,000 or more. Thank you for the attempted math lesson my friend it was worth a laugh.

      • TheRandom says:

        By that meaning, you should be asking how he is able to afford $1+ worth of cars….. The + means it goes as high as you want right? Idiot.

      • Matt says:

        Yeah that makes no sense. The + should mean give or take a few hundred thousand depending on trim level and options. 400000+ is not even a close estimate. The only laugs happening, should be people laughing at the fact you do not know the cost of automobiles.

  3. wigga says:

    who needs 4 limos and any sports car ?? stupid nigga

  4. Norm DePlume says:

    Rolls Royce Ghost – $263,200
    Bentley Flying Spur – $195,100
    Bentley Mulsane – $303,700
    Mercedes S550? – $94,700
    Mercedes G63 – $137,150
    Total: $993,850

    I doubt very much that he owns those cars. Aside from the expense of buying and maintaining them, there’s a lot of pointless duplication of luxury sedans. Much more likely that he’s got a promotional deal with a dealership(s).

    As an aside, it’s much more prestigious to be seen as influential enough to keep the social climbers buying these vehicles through your association with them, than it would be to be foolish enough to pay for them out of your own pocket. Celebrities and trend-setters get free leases and short-term loaners for this reason.

  5. big boy says:

    Meek mill is worth 30 million
    $20 million from deals with puma and monster headphones
    $10 million from his own songs and features

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