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Cliff Avril’s New Matte Black G63

Seattle Seahawks defensive end, Cliff Avril has a new ride to add to his garage and it’s a beast. Avril took his new Mercedes Benz G63 to Rich B. Caliente in Miami and here’s a photo of the final product which includes gold calipers, a matte black exterior and Forgiato wheels — pretty sick!

Cliff Avril Mercedes G63

Source (@cliffavril)

Cliff Avril G63

Source (@richbcaliente)

3 Responses to Cliff Avril’s New Matte Black G63

  1. Audi RS5 says:

    A matte black box with a Mercedes badge that gets god awful mileage, perfect vehicle for some dumb rich person that doesnt know how to properly spend their money

  2. Skylo says:

    Any car in matt black looks so aggressive!

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