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Naya Rivera Fills Up Her G63

Glee actress and singer, Naya Rivera made a pit stop over the weekend to fill up her new Mercedes Benz G63. I guess Benz’s run in the family because Naya’s brother, Mychal Rivera, Oakland Raiders tight end, also has a brand new Mercedes Benz to show off. Mychal shared a photo of his new CLS on his Instagram recently (see below).

Source (Zimbio)

Naya’s brother, Mychal with his new Mercedes CLS.

Mychal Rivera Mercedes Benz

Mychal Rivera Mercedes
Source (@mychalrivera)

2 Responses to Naya Rivera Fills Up Her G63

  1. CrazyMTF says:

    Not feeling the rims to bulky but nice car.

  2. RRGHOST says:

    If you go on Luis Cruikshanks Facebook page, he posted a photo of Paris Hilton in a car. I think that it’s a Mclaren mp4-12c. I’m not sure. Go check it out!

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