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Just How Many G-Wagon’s Does Hilary Duff Own??

Hilary Duff’s been rolling in G-Wagon’s since 2009 (at least that’s when we first spotted her in one) and she’s had one ever since but just recently, we’ve seen her in so many different G-Wagons, you’d think she was a Kardashian. First it’s her silver G55, then we spotted her in a black G63, and now, this white G63. Must be nice to have so many options!


Hilary with her silver G55 just a couple weeks ago:
Source (Zimbio)

Hilary with a black G63:
Source (Zimbio)

3 Responses to Just How Many G-Wagon’s Does Hilary Duff Own??

  1. Yeezus Christ says:

    That is an incredibly stupid waste of money smh

  2. Kylin says:

    She still had her G55, and the black G63 was Mike Comries’. When they divorced, he got the black G63, so she then drove her G55 around a bit before trading it in for the new, white G63 you’ve seen her with most recently.

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