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Did Drake Ditch His Bugatti?

One of our readers found this Bugatti Veyron listed on James Edition and noticed that it looked like the Bugatti that Drake took delivery of in Canada last year. If it is, maybe it’s for the best since he couldn’t even figure out how to drive it

Check out the listing here.

Drake bugatti veyron

Shout out to Ben for the tip!

5 Responses to Did Drake Ditch His Bugatti?

  1. timothy says:

    Drake’s Bugatti is a limited edition one, i cant remember right now whats th name of the edition, but if im right there are 5 i think bugattis as same as Drakes, and i think that the interior of each one has a diferent color

  2. CrazyMTF says:

    Somebody can teach him like Birdman he knows how to drive it hell Justin Bieber even knows how.It looks like since he doesn’t have the time to learn why keep it he should of trade it in for a couple of new ones.

  3. Brendan Higgins says:

    Drake’s lease of the special edition Bugatti Sang Noir has expired, and the car went back to MVL Leasing in Toronto.

    Apparently, the vehicle has been re-leased, and is now being driven by another owner in Richmond Hill, just north of Toronto.

    The car, The Veyron Sang Noir is one of 15 produced, and is the only one of 15 in Canada. The Car features a limited edition interior and exterior.

  4. 22 says:

    He might not still have his Sang Noir but he still has a bugatti same exterior and interior color. I saw him last week driving it in Miami.

  5. John Smith says:

    It’s sitting in a Vancouver showroom

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