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Simon Cowell’s $650,000 Classic Jaguar

Simon Cowell has proven to the world that despite possessing an endless pit of cash and owning some of the planet’s most exotic cars, he also has some taste. Don’t get me wrong, his Rolls Royce Phantom and Bugatti Veyron (now sold) are classy cars, but anyone with a lot of cash can simply order one.

Although not exactly cheap, the flat-headed music mogal shelled out $650,000 on a very rare Jaguar Eagle Speedster after he saw Jeremy Clarkson driving one on Top Gear.  

Cowell may have constantly mocked Clarkson for his looks and fashion sense when he appeared on the show, but it seems when it comes to cars, Clarkson is actually an inspiration.


10 Responses to Simon Cowell’s $650,000 Classic Jaguar

  1. Hov says:

    what an absolute complete waste of money. good lord

    That thing looks like a long turd.

    Tesla Model S and a F12 Berlinetta or Aventador for the same price with money left over!!

    good god that is just horrible. makes me mad that he’d waste 650k on some junk like that, people have such bad taste, god awful taste smh

    • Emkay says:

      What are u talking about?! It’s not a matter of taste in this case, it’s just plain stupid to call this wonderful car bad looking. One hell of a car that can’t be appreciated by Tesla fanboys

      • Tesla says:

        Being a Tesla fan, I can confirm that a Tesla is a great car for the value. However, this is a gorgeous, timeless sports car. Its not possible to compare one of the great classics to modern sedans and complain about the price differences. This is how he wants to spend his money, and quite frankly, is it quite a nice replacements for his veyron.

      • gina says:


    • Ace says:

      Lol you obviously have no passion for cars and are probably only on this site to blow your favorite tasteless rapper idols. Pathetic.

  2. B says:

    I’d put “32 inch rims on the ho.

  3. darren222 says:

    A 250 in all but name, the 1963 330 America shared the outgoing model’s chassis if not its engine. Powered by the new 4.0 L engine of the later 330 cars, 50 330 Americas were built…

  4. Norm DePlume says:

    This car is an investment that will actually appreciate in value, unlike an Aventador or most newer cars. You will see him actually drive this rarely or never.

  5. JimmyJinx says:

    Hov: that’s the most ignorant comment I’ve ever read. This car is jaw-droppingly gorgeous. It’s even sleeker than the E-Type, a car Enzo Ferrari said was the prettiest car ever built. It’s also extremely rare. The Aventador F12 are vulgar in comparison.

  6. roger says:

    Fabulous looking car.

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